ID: 1801001100
icon Growing Fury
Level: 34
Cast Time: Instant
Cooldown: 3min
Use Rage: 3000

Rage Skill
Release your Rage to gain the following effects:
- Increases Power by 45.
- Increases Crit Factor by 50.
- Draws 10% more aggro.
- Increase size and melee range by 10%.
- Reduces skill cooldown by 30%.
- Blocks frontal attacks while casting.
- Adds frontal defense effect to all attack skills while active.
- Consumes 250 Rage per second. Effect ends when you run out of Rage.
- You cannot use Mounting Rage or Meat Grinder while this skill is in effect. If Mounting Rage is in effect, casting Growing Fury cancels Mounting Rage.

- Reduces Attack Speed by 10.

Source: NPC
Price: 1gold29silver94bronze

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