Ancient Gorget Xermetal Neckguard Sealed Krymetal Locket Triple Strand of Bloodcrystal Beads Wiseleaf Pendant Crystal-studded Vadoma Pendant Steelskull Pendant Triple Strand of Mosscrystal Beads Entwined Vine Howling Cat Cameo Crossed Swords Pendant Whistle Pendant Linmetal Witch Chain Old Strand of Amber Gems Jade Mermaid Cameo Serpentine Shadmetal Chain Cascade of Mosscrystals Oryin's Bell Pendant Bloodmoney Beads Naught Pendant Brushed Strand Gemdrop Torque Captured Wish Large Scarred Pendant Faerie Collar Black Pearl Choker Sanguine Ribbon Choker Strand of Bloodcrystals Spiked Chain Necklace Noble Family Lavalier Giant Pearl Pendant Lucky Charm Necklace Finely Crafted Cameo of Lok Knotted Crimson Krymetal Chain Faerie Charm Pendant Twisted Triple Strand of Dragoncrystal Velik's Tawny Cameo Chipped Mooncrystal Pendant Hourglass Pendant Razorheart Pendant Dancer's Ribbon Ancient Coin Pendant Bib of Sea Pearls Starcrystal Rope Cascade of Teardrops Arachnaea Locket Interlocking Shadmetal Hearts Pendant Kaia's Intaglio Pendant Black Cleft Pendant Triple Strands of Icecrystal Beads Polished Bloodcrystal Teardrop Clean Black Pearl Pendant Cerement Collar Feathered Bead Necklace Lightningbolt Pendant Stardrop Pendant Spiderweave Chain Thunderchain Ruffled Necklace Pendant of Swirling Miasma Lying Eye Pendant Checkered Chain Pierced Coin Pendant Rope of Contrasting Chains Clear Amber Pendant Lacquered Skull Locket Collar of Domination Normetal Turncollar Motley Collar Specter's Tear Bonebead Necklace Heavy Battlechain Necklace of Reaved Stone Stormjewel Pendant Faceted Dragoncrystal Necklace Smooth Opalescent Pendant Bloodtwist Neckchain Gemmed Collar Primus's Normetal Choker Tribune's Normetal Choker Prefect's Shadmetal Choker Legate's Shadmetal Choker Brigadier's Xermetal Choker Primus's Norsteel Chain Tribune's Norsteel Chain Prefect's Shadsteel Chain Legate's Shadsteel Chain Brigadier's Xersteel Chain Primus's Norsteel Medallion Tribune's Norsteel Medallion Prefect's Shadsteel Medallion Legate's Shadsteel Medallion Brigadier's Xersteel Medallion Prefect's Torque Legate's Torque Brigadier's Torque Pendant of Three Sins Jeweled Favor Divine Ending Unredeemed Glory Fang of Varcerbus Chain of Looping Destinies Laknerus's Necklace Necklace of Eternity Nature's Gift Loremaster's Necklace Resource Specialist's Choker World Leader's Pendant Practicum Necklace Forgotten Necklace Beaded Amulet Bloodspring Drop Phoenix Fantail Filigreed Gorget Sympathetic Shoulder Windswept Pendant Necklace of Eternity Necklace of Eternity Flamedancer Pendant Kulsilva's Ring Cinderfall Tyrant's Choker Hammer Ring Desert Bloom Hangtooth Necklace Clawband Hyena's Howl Tyrantfall Ring of Ruin Gem Crumble Throatvein Red-Rimmed Band Pressure Earcuff Wraith's Heart Spirit Signet Death's Call Dakona's Necklace Dakona's Ring Dakona's Earring Ebon Choker Black Band Ebon Drop Swift Gatherer's Necklace Sturdy Lightkeepers Brooch Ferocious Lightkeepers Brooch Fancy Lightkeepers Brooch Discontinued Lesson: Cloth Extraction Discontinued Lesson: Metal Extraction Discontinued Lesson: Alchemy Extraction