Attuned Normail Pointers Attuned Wanderer's Nortreads Attuned Marleather Oculvest Attuned Glistening Marskin Gloves Attuned Marleather Boots of Tears Attuned Noble Shetlacloth Robes Attuned Shetlasleeves of the Gentry Attuned Manor Slippers Attuned Shadsteel Breastplate of Closing Attuned Scintillating Shadmail Gauntlets Attuned Demi-Greaves of Shadsteel Attuned Hemeleather Cuirass of the Warm Wind Attuned Chevral Hemeleather Gloves Attuned Bright Chevral Boots Attuned Diamondpierced Toirarobe Attuned Vivid Toiracloth Wraps Attuned Striking Toirastockings Attuned Soulreft Shadmail Hauberk Attuned Layered Shadsteel Gauntlets Attuned Shadmail Greaves of Grieving Attuned Bloodhide Webgrapple Cuirass Attuned Trapper's Gloves of Bloodhide Attuned Bloodhide Hunting Boots Attuned Toiracloth Tunic of Second Shadows Attuned Sonorous Umbral Toirasleeves Attuned Light Slippers of Darkness Attuned Sunroar Xersteel Hauberk Attuned Prideful Xermail Gauntlets Attuned Clawed Xersteel Greaves Attuned Embossed Telsonic Cerevest Attuned Cereleather Fanglaced Gloves Attuned Turnfang Cereleather Boots Attuned Midnight Faeriewake Robes Attuned Luriacloth Sleeves of the Dark Attuned Moonkist Slippers Attuned Bloodroar Xermail Chestpiece Attuned Sanguine Talon Gauntlets Attuned Tinged Xersteel Greaves Attuned Telsonic Gravehide Jerkin Attuned Venom-Dyed Gloves Attuned Venombane Cereboots Attuned Faeriewake Robes of Dawning Attuned Luriasleeves of Twilight Attuned Luria Duskslippers Krysteel Embellished Chestguard Krysteel Grips Journey Krytreads Seeker's Zalisvest Piercing Zalisleather Gloves Zalisboots of Portals Arcanist's Verdracloth Robes Verdracloth Sleeves Verdracloth Anklet Anodized Krysteel Hauberk Tempered Gauntlets Lasting Tempered Greaves Zalisleather Zephyr Cuirass Gloves of Early Breezes Dawnwind Chasers Diamondpierced Verdracloth Robe Thin Verdracloth Sleeves Verdrapaneled Heels Intimidating Krysteel Hauberk Krymail Gauntlets Stalwart Krytreads Deadly Jerkin of Zalisleather Zalisgloves of Feartending Zalis Webrunners Stargazer's Verdrarobes Twinklefingers Midnight Verdracloth Slippers Stoneroar Linsteel Chestpiece Linmail Gauntlets of Hard Feelings Stoney Greaves of the Collector Sanguine Telsonic Boscvest Heavy Insulated Potter's Gloves Aerated Boscleather Rockclimbers Stargazing Coattails of the Fey Darktouch Sylvawraps Quiltlined Shoes of Skypaths Heartroar Linsteel Hauberk Linmail Grasps of the Heart's Call Linsteel Heartstompers Telsonic Boscleather Seavest Dress Mariner's Gloves Waterproofed Boscleather Seaboots Dancing Faeire Sylvacloth Robes Feywrapped Sylvasleeves Beautiful Iridescent Shoes Blackened Normail of the West Brash Hammered Gauntlets Norsteel Pathmakers Seaside Marleather Jerkin Raspy Marleather Grips Marleather Seakickers Thick Bloodkist Shetlacord Robe Padded Shetlacloth Handwraps Softtreads of the Tenderheart Capric Shadow Hauberk Runed Norsteel Gauntlets Oversized Norsteel Shadowstompers Arachnisk Overcoat Bloomtender Marleather Gloves Trail of Web Boots Regal Chevronic Robes Shetlasleeves of the Deep Progressive Shetlacloth Footgear Navigator's Shadsteel Breastplate Shadsteel Trader's Grips Crossroad Shadtreads Stoppleshot Hemejerkin Cutler's Hemeleather Gloves Dark Hemeleather Waders Gamer's Toirasuit Toira Lightfingers Baybi's New Shoes Embellished Xersteel Bladearmor Skyfraught Gauntlets Xersteel Downtreads Hemeleather Tunic of Salvation Glistening Sandgloves Hemeleather Backboots Toira Winterlace Robes Warm Toira Handwraps Insulated Shoes of the Ice-Bound Traveler Attuned Krysteel Embellished Chestguard Attuned Krysteel Grips Attuned Journey Krytreads Attuned Seeker's Zalisvest Attuned Piercing Zalisleather Gloves Attuned Zalisboots of Portals Attuned Arcanist's Verdracloth Robes Attuned Verdracloth Sleeves Attuned Verdracloth Anklet Attuned Anodized Krysteel Hauberk Attuned Tempered Gauntlets Attuned Lasting Tempered Greaves Attuned Zalisleather Zephyr Cuirass Attuned Gloves of Early Breezes Attuned Dawnwind Chasers Attuned Diamondpierced Verdracloth Robe Attuned Thin Verdracloth Sleeves Attuned Verdrapaneled Heels Attuned Intimidating Krysteel Hauberk Attuned Krymail Gauntlets Attuned Stalwart Krytreads Attuned Deadly Jerkin of Zalisleather Attuned Zalisgloves of Feartending Attuned Zalis Webrunners