Bruteslayer Mutilator Mazespinner Wayfinder Labyrinth Lordstaff Gateopener Scepter Hellfire & Brimstone Forceful Heatshield Blood-cooled Lavablade Fire-tempered Rockcleaver Caldera Focus Bow of Falling Ash Ornamental Punty Lava Stirrer Now & Never Demonstorm Fiendslicer Aniask's Axe Demonwheel Impfinder Scion Staff Witchflame Pain & Devastation Pillar of Courage Final Separator Meekcleaver Fiery Spiriteye Soulspeare Inflated Ego Bloodstone Scepter Knave's Knives Wall of Trophies Duke's Dueling Sword Halberd of the Royal Watch Royalists' Lens Royal Hunting Bow Duke's Walking Stick Volperon's Finest Cane Cease & Desist Inquisitrix Lawmaker Rulebreaker Circle of Law Ebon Stinger Staff of Inquisition Scepter of Edict Doublespeak & Duplicity Candor Truthsedge Truthmaster Ouroburos Verity Magister's Bane Darkweaver Slice & Dice Bonestriker Boneslicer Bonebreaker Ebonheart Ring Bloodhunter Bloodbinder Ebonheart Rod Kicking & Screaming Throatpiercer Heartslicer Gutbreaker Blood Compass Flameseeker Dalmanite Rod Mace Dalmana Umbra & Sol Heart Attack Headlopper Heartbreaker Ring of Varcerbus Eyeseeker Staff of Temperance Scepter of Balance Twist & Turn Maze's Solution Wild Rover Exit Maker Skein of Unwinding Compass Needle Path Marker Switchback Course Twins of the Ebon Tower Tower Redoubt Ebonblade Cleaver of the Dark Black Vortex Sky Darkener Ebon Amnesty Dark Awakening Fiend & Foe Aegis of the People Tyrant Reaver Despot Dispatch Mandala of Reflection Triumphant Arc Temperence Civil Disobedience Recycle & Reuse Repurposed Pronewood Self-propelled Mower Logsplitter Whirlwisp Gnarled Messenger Burled Staff Root of Evil Shiny New Twin Swords Brand New Lance Shiny New Greatsword Shiny New Axe Shiny New Disc Brand New Bow Brand New Staff Brand New Scepter Same & Different Respite of the Intrepid Tenderizer Akasha's Axe Shargrim's Razor Lugribar's Reach Shargrim's Crozier Gluda's Blood Bar Melody & Harmony Rest for the Weary Tender Ministrations Whistlestop Disc of the Evening Sun Death's Harp Treble Staff Tempo Keeper Lifeless & Hollow Expulsion Point Procedural Evacuator Reckless Abandon Openheart Recover Blank Messenger Barren Hopes Rhodomontade Snip & Clip Moral Drill Scissorblade Kerf Render Veernaught Piercing Tool Comely Fellwood