Retro Alkahest Oxbow Badge Trial Badge Necrotic Badge Duality Badge Common Pet Pooky Common Pet Tuwangi Common Pet Mewy Common Pet Dahlia Uncommon Pet Pooky Uncommon Pet Tuwangi Uncommon Pet Mewy Uncommon Pet Dahlia [Binding] Cracker Confetti II Cracker Confetti II Uncommon Pet Imp Master Enigmatic Scroll Challenge Receipt Yoki's Trinket Shan's Trinket Nepir's Trinket Common Pet Tuwangi Common Pet Mewy Common Pet Dahlia Uncommon Pet Pooky Uncommon Pet Tuwangi Uncommon Pet Mewy Uncommon Pet Dahlia Rare Pet Pooky Rare Pet Tuwangi Rare Pet Mewy Rare Pet Dahlia Superior Pet Pooky Superior Pet Tuwangi Old Engine of Crystalline Mischief Common Identification Scroll Intricate Identification Scroll Common Enigmatic Scroll Intricate Enigmatic Scroll Pet Training: Buying and Selling Training: Selling Pet Training: Purchasing Campfire Firewood Old Engine of Multiplicative Mischief Old Engine of Crystalline Mischief Old Engine of Transmogrifying Mischief Holy Potion of Protection [Bound] Velik's Bloodstone Necklace Velik's Bloodstone Necklace [Bound] Shakan's Bloodstone Necklace Shakan's Bloodstone Necklace Rejuvenation Potion Valiant Potion Federation Savage Draught Valkyon Health Potion Manacache Health Potion Battle Panacea Potion of Cultural Opportunity Vigorous Renewal Draught Infused Renewal Draught Powerful Savage Draught Tenacious Savage Draught Powerful Rival Draught Tenacious Rival Draught Keener's Bandage Verdra Bandage Sylva Bandage Shetla Bandage Arunic Panacea Divine Infusion Lok's Eye Shakan's Claw Pendant Tower Base Teleport Scroll Lumbertown Teleport Scroll Crescentia Teleport Scroll Popolion Teleport Scroll Pora Elinu Teleport Scroll Chebika Teleport Scroll Tulufan Teleport Scroll Cutthroat Harbor Teleport Scroll Castanica Teleport Scroll Balderon Teleport Scroll Velika Teleport Scroll Frontera Teleport Scroll Tria Teleport Scroll Tralion Teleport Scroll Acarum Teleport Scroll Bleakrock Teleport Scroll Elenea Teleport Scroll Unyielding Bastion Teleport Scroll Allemantheia Teleport Scroll Dragonfall Teleport Scroll Scythera Fae Teleport Scroll Pathfinder Post Teleport Scroll Zulfikar Fortress Teleport Scroll Kanstria Teleport Scroll Davarn's Refuge Teleport Scroll Habere Teleport Scroll Kaiator Teleport Scroll Safe Haven Teleport Scroll Personal Riding Skill: Arcadian Dapple Personal Riding Skill: Chestnut Gelding Personal Riding Skill: Velikan Gray Personal Riding Skill: Pinto Personal Riding Skill: Blue Roan Riding Skill: Arcadian Dapple Riding Skill: Chestnut Gelding Riding Skill: Velikan Gray Riding Skill: Pinto Riding Skill: Blue Roan Combat Panacea Keener's Medicated Bandage Verdra Medicated Bandage Sylva Medicated Bandage Shetla Medicated Bandage Toira Medicated Bandage Luria Medicated Bandage Power Charm Keen Charm Speed Charm Strength Charm Enduring Charm Unyielding Charm Rigid Charm Robust Charm Caduceus Charm Tenacity Charm Mirror Charm Relentless Charm Cunning Charm Vigorous Charm Infused Charm Swift Charm Scroll of Rapid Resurrection Necromancer Tomb Teleport Scroll Golden Labyrinth Teleport Scroll Bastion of Lok Teleport Scroll Sinestral Manor Teleport Scroll Cultists' Refuge Teleport Scroll Akasha's Hideout Teleport Scroll Red Dye Orange Dye Yellow Dye Green Dye Blue Dye Veteran Apothecary Dye Purple Dye