Windswept Branch Semiquaver Supply & Demand Strakework Set Pirate's Greatsword Line Trimmer Captain's Compass Ship's Messenger Flagpole Swaggering Stick Blood Brothers Gautcher Back Buddyblade Chummaker Rival Roundabout Fletched Messenger Staff of Fallen Tears Scepter of Resonance Question & Answer Longreach Safehold Milling Sword Bombard Axe Lens of Farseeing Spatial Delivery Staff of Far Horizons Celestial Spindle Revolt & Revolution Canebreak Blade of Two Faces Splintered Future Spin Doctor Rescued Bow Radiant Grace Transcendental Mediator Bark & Pounce Den of Security Wind Shear Wolfsbane Collar of Restraint Beast Racer Dispatching Post Fetching Rod Lead & Follow Bastion of Belief Sorrowful Parting Leading Edge Critical Eye Firm Direction Beacon of Faith Stand of Leadership Chaos & Disorder Wall of Confusion Orderly Motion Split Decision Circle of Direction Pointed Misdirection Reorganized Staff Obfuscating Scepter Zarhagen's Smaller Swords Bulwark of the Unseeing Greatsword of Zarhagen Chilling Death Abaxial Gaze Tenebrex Longbow Zenith Nadir Wither & Die Aegis of Nature Outdoor Sword Lord of the Forest Faerie Circle Minoc's Bow Deadwood Staff Deadwood Scepter Law & Order Essenian Blockade Blade of Betrayal Treacherous Axe Turning Allegience Windblown Bow Justicar's Staff Wand of Distrust Show & Tell The Rack Bloodletting Blade Torturer's Axe Arcane Sawblade Deep Bow of Contempt Jursak's Fine Staff Magistrate's Thrasher Marque & Reprisal Mizzenmast Line Splicer Traveler's Axe Spindrift Vertical Spar Collared Gaff Kythe Tiller Wroth & Wrath Aegis of Wrathful Shadows Blade of Wrathful Shadows Eldritch Reaver's Baneful Axe Circle of Wrathful Shadows Servant's Bow Staff of Wrathful Shadows Scepter of Wrathful Shadows Belkedreff's Little Knives Shelter from the Cold Belkedreff's Favorite Knife Ice Lord's Axe Shaman's Scrying Circle Wendigo Snow Bow Frezraff's Staff Frezraff's Scepter Valiant & Defiant Lance of Defiance Greatsword of Valor Foecleaver Lens of Insight Valiant Bow of the Ranger Staff of the Shieldmaiden Rod of Defiance Drustari & Nakeeli Feywarden's Lance Deathreaper Treebane Twilight Disc Bow of the Feywarden Staff of the Fey Twilight Scepter Command & Control Lance of Conquest Varathion's Greatsword Faithcleaver Disc of Subjugation Tormentor's Recurve Staff of Domination Rod of Reign Claw & Fang Cromos Slayer's Lance Candarik's Greatsword Predator's Cleaver Venator's Focus Fine Hunter's Edge Venator's Staff Venator's Scepter Blood & Guts Champion's Lance Claymore of the Victor