Energetic Vow of Rebirth Multiplicative Arun's Cleansing Lingering Titanic Wrath Lingering Shara's Lash Lingering Ancient Binding Test Test Brilliant Aura of the Merciless Brilliant Aura of the Swift Empowered Sharan Bolt Empowered Metamorphic Blast Test Trebling Corruption Ring Unfeeling Corruption Ring Energetic Teleport Jaunt Spirited Mana Infusion Past Glyph Shard Empowered Retaliate Energetic Metamorphic Smite Energetic Thrall of Protection Test Energetic Thrall of Life Brilliant Summon Party Brilliant Resurrect Lingering Volley of Curses Energetic Resurrect Energetic Retaliate Brilliant Sonorous Dreams Energetic Regression Energetic Mire Energetic Curse of Exhaustion Lingering Curse of Confusion Influential Metamorphic Smite Influential Volley of Curses Influential Titanic Wrath Influential Corruption Ring Multiplicative Volley of Curses Numbing Ancient Binding Hastened Metamorphic Smite Energetic Summon Party Hastened Mana Infusion Blazing Arun's Tears Empowered Thrall of Vengeance Fortified Thrall of Vengeance Lingering Thrall of Vengeance Hastened Resurrect Fortified Thrall of Life Empowered Thrall of Protection Fortified Thrall of Protection Blazing Teleport Jaunt Blazing Teleport Jaunt Energetic Thrall of Wrath Empowered Thrall of Wrath Hastened Thrall of Wrath Altruistic Vow of Rebirth Blazing Arun's Vitae Longshot Titanic Favor Energetic Teleport Jaunt Multiplicative Arun's Cleansing Altruistic Vow of Rebirth Energetic Thrall of Life Lingering Shara's Lash Longshot Titanic Favor Influential Volley of Curses Lingering Thrall of Vengeance Brilliant Sonorous Dreams Fleetfooted Shara's Lash Opportunistic Retaliate Balancing Retaliate Spreading Titanic Wrath Energetic Sonorous Dreams Grounded Thrall of Protection Brilliant Warding Totem Restorative Warding Totem Hastened Resurrect Energetic Vow of Rebirth Restorative Arun's Vitae Lingering Thrall of Life Enfeebling Volley of Curses Hearty Resurrect Lingering Contagion Brilliant Boomerang Pulse Energetic Boomerang Pulse Energetic Boomerang Pulse Restorative Heal Thyself Restorative Healing Circle Lingering Regeneration Circle Multiplicative Focus Heal Energetic Kaia's Shield Energetic Purifying Circle Lingering Blessing of Shakan Lingering Blessing of Arachne Lingering Blessing of Seren Lingering Blessing of Balder Empowered Divine Radiance Brilliant Metamorphic Blast Powerlinked Shocking Implosion Energetic Regeneration Circle Spirited Mana Infusion Past Glyph Shard Hastened Prayer of Peace Energetic Arise Empowered Retaliate Powerlinked Triple Nemesis Brilliant Resurrect Boosted Blessing of Zenobia Brilliant Summon Party Brilliant Homeward Bound Brilliant Fiery Escape Hastened Mana Charge Energetic Resurrect Energetic Retaliate Energetic Ishara's Lullaby Energetic Guardian Sanctuary Energetic Divine Respite Energetic Plague of Exhaustion Influential Regeneration Circle Longshot Mana Charge Grounded Kaia's Shield Fleetfooted Blessing of Zenobia Energetic Summon Party Powerlinked Mana Charge Hastened Mana Infusion Hastened Resurrect Lingering Energy Stars Savage Energy Stars Lingering Restorative Burst Brilliant Restorative Burst Brilliant Final Reprisal Persistent Final Reprisal Slowing Final Reprisal Numbing Metamorphic Blast Enfeebling Triple Nemesis Longshot Focus Heal Restorative Heal Thyself Powerlinked Shocking Implosion Spirited Mana Infusion Powerlinked Triple Nemesis Fleetfooted Blessing of Zenobia Energetic Regeneration Circle Energetic Plague of Exhaustion Brilliant Restorative Burst Brilliant Resurrect Energetic Fiery Escape Regenerating Kaia's Shield Spirited Mana Charge Soothing Focus Heal Balancing Guardian Sanctuary Lingering Arise