Peacekeeper Havockium Rallyrim Outcry Quintessence Picayuecent Reflection & Sorrow Autotrave Teratothrust Lie Suppressor Circulator Enduring Showers Bountihead Rattlespine Recant & Reiterate Savra's Stand Rebellion Chaostropic Diamrhiza Targetstrike Demiloquitur Outburst Fire & Ice Mentor Raucous Steel Feroparous Axe Tingeround Tortious Bow Orthodocent Witticist Sweeper & Keeper Aggravation Bloodscream Cuttingedge Midnightfire Heartseeker Malevolence Darkwynd Sorrow & Pain Nightbreaker Foecutter Sundown Axe Nightwheel Night Whisper Claw of Night Darkclaw Scepter Punish & Provoke Payback Greatsword of Reprisal Truncus Axe Eye of Tears Farseeker Vindictus Staff Avenging Mace Devanesque Twin Swords Devanesque Lance Devanesque Greatsword Devanesque Axe Devanesque Disc Devanesque Bow Devanesque Staff Devanesque Scepter Echo Ranch Twin Swords Echo Ranch Plow Echo Ranch Reaper Echo Ranch Hatchet Echo Ranch Colter Echo Ranch Bow Echo Ranch Rail Echo Ranch Fencepost Watch & Weep Watch Towershield Tearing Sorrow Edge of Vision Orcan Oculus Piercing Gaze Nightwatch Post Visionary's Scepter Tooth & Claw Natural Barrier Natural Equalizer Nature's Severance Nature's Lens Nature's Dispatch Nature's Reach Natural Inclination Kiss & Kill Exterminator Lance Eradicator Greatsword Eliminator Axe Whirling Death Interfector Arc Sicarius Staff Percussor Mace Disclose & Divulge Revelation Tree Incisive Greatsword Axe of Manifesto Darkseeing Lens Revealing Arc Praesto Staff Rod of Revelation Sliver & Slice Lucus Lance Segmentum Blade Oblivium Axe Eye of Oblivion Caligo Recurve Staff of Shades Ineluctable Mace Close Companions Cultbreaker Cultist Carver Cultist Cleaver Coin of the Cult Crescent of Cult Clearing Crook of Cult Curing Cane of the Cult Secrets & Lies Discovering Cover Edged Exposure Confidence Crasher Declassification Imparting Shot Staff of Illumination Scepter of Reveals Inflame & Infuriate Enraging Spike Ireblade Rage Cleaver Dementus circle Wrathseeker Staff of Wrath Scepter of Wrath Rend & Sunder Great Stake Vampir Slayer Vampir Cleaver Eye of the Vampir Stake Driver Staff of the Vampir Vampir's Cane Suspicion & Speculation Betrayal Defense Deceit Shredder Punisher of Betrayal Turn of Deceit Deception Piercer Deluminating Greatstaff