Spinning Plate Bow of Dark Whispers Pillar of the Community Hitching Post Time & Halve Might of Tenure Woecleaver Time Vandal Disc of Dismay Bow of Indifference Staff of Sun's Embrace Scepter of Shadowed Days Fight & Fancy Trave of the People Doubleback Batten Guarded Axe Coin of Contradiction Kite Splitter Ripsaw Shaft Stress Spar Conspiracy & Complicity Secret Keeper Crimson Regret Soul Splinter Orb of Regret Sidewinder Bow Stigmatic Staff Rod of Red Hands Bait & Switch Idol Firmward Sword Immemorial Revery of Blood Heartwrench Sentimental Journey Harvester's Post Grandpa's Cane Pitch & Yaw Distant Timber Steel Ballet Frozen Blur Saucer of Tears Rain Piercer Mooring Post Dowsing Rod Diminish & Dwindle Common Ground Razorsharp Mendacity Shard of Sacrifice Forgotten Crescent Deadwood Bow Staff of Broken Fortunes Rod of Forsaken Futures Deep & Dark Pillar of Shadow Tenebrum Nox Cleaver Umbral Circle Deathkisser Nightbringer Duskwand Double Trouble Liberator Workmate Scarmaker Neverending Wind Whistler Abidance Algomancer Deny & Disavow Shellhammer Brother's Claymore Icon Crusher Mind's Eye Aviobane Prelate's Post Veniculum Abide & Endure Final Stand Jawbreaker Tomomaniac Cataract Limnetia Unisonant Annexirod Thrust & Extend Durance Tomabysm Appetency Hyalineye Nightshredder Twisted Memory Sequent Mayhem & Destruction Stormgate Culling Blade Disinheritor Gather Round Collective Bow Apostle Fustilithe Angelic & Demonic Sticking Point Lying Blade Recidivist Narcissistic Eye Winged Messenger Bargaining Stick Fool's Wand Confound & Confuse Pillar of Pallor Breath Stealer Final Arbiter Tempestuous Curve Bow of Ten Thousand Tears Staff of the Winds Captured Memory Drive & Determination Constant Pressure Careless Carver Hatch Axe Forward Coil Barbed Hunter Staff of Elusive Memories Little Stick Stiletto & Fugue Pulse of the People Surgical Precision Chest Crusher Tempo Eclipse Tenderbow Pendulum of Reverberating Sentiment Rod of Withering Touch Hit & Run Gatecrasher Skycarver Law Breaker Cyclic Collider Spirit Hunter Moment of Radiant Grace Baton of Perfect Cadence Carnage & Gore Hope's Shelter Enduring Blade Ostracism Abstrusion Shattercry Wistful Impatience Justice & Mercy