Sick & Twisted Torquescrew Frenzyedge Abberant's Axe Cagey Loop Flexural Stand Staff of Delirium Confusion Therapy Pillage & Plunder Skeg Leg Bay Clipper Jackaxe Bosun's Ring Flying Bridge Free Driftwood Captain's Leg Grace & Favour Tempered Response Reaver of the Profane Edge of Belief Circle of Unity Handbow of the Depths Unshakable Faith Polemic Post Blades of Brotherhood Stolid Defense Pacifying Blade Soundless Ender Subtle Trouble Tacit Understanding Enshrined Hush Understated Elegance Gaunt & Grim Torch Stinger Quakemaker Gibbet's Blade Invidic Eye Bristling Bow Blanched Stick Shivers Flicker & Flutter Circuitbreaker Sparkpoint Bloodbattery Coruscant Coil Conducting Arc Twinkling Pillar Actuator Rod Epicurean & Stoic Wall of Strength Grim Reaper Quick Release Suspended Animus Implacable Tension Becalmed Staff Unswinging Pendulum Rack & Pinion Compression Strut Machine Edge Efficient Enforcer Reprogrammed Graticule Ionic Breechloader Cam-topped Piston Balance Lever Bark & Bite Forest Toothpick Bolecarver Treesplitter Wood Annul Timberbow Branch of Authority Grafted Stem Pathfinder Pair Duty's Lance Pathsweeper Chopper Harvest Focus Arrowsvine Staff of Redemption Wand of the Frond Ignominy & Defeat Homestead Bulwark Regimen Slicer Rager's Greataxe Elemental Circle Sentinel's Recurve Watcher's Post Fey Scepter Apogee & Perigee Zenith Point Field Slicer Ecliptic Axe Sun's Eye Falling Star Messenger Celestial Post Equinox Rod Prayer & Praise Sacred Timber Righteous Greatsword Faithful Hatchet Devoted Disc Divine Bridge Worship Stick Petition Rod Lineage & Legacy Royal Skewer Monarch's Justice Pureblood's Steel Rexicle Courtly Bow Serpent's Staff Princely Scepter Still & Silent Totemic Timber Clawing Claymore Foesplitter Petaline Lens Stalker Bow Ornate Walking Stick Seeker's Bar Repost & Rumination Testor's Lance Soul Filleter Loquor's Cleaver Choir's Roundel Ornamental Bow Fiddlestick Wand of Many Stings Frontline Orphans Aegis of the Amani Heinous Reaper Chopaxe of the Untiring Twitchy Terete Baiting Bow Wanderpole Direwand Young & Restless Battle Lance Regimental Blade Wrath's Cleaver River Round Naga Needler Mysterium Standard Charger's Rod Prince & Princess Quieter Blooddrainer Clotshaper Twilight's Eye