Contested Territory Preying on the Parthians Intrepid Heart Operation Overkill Parthian Purification Egg On Unbearable Lake Monsters Training Exorcise Checking IDs Lime Time Hot Springs Tonight Imperial Entanglements Bone Fragments Supply the Demand Creepy-crawlies Punishing Parthians Harrier and Harrier Rockin' Ruins Rooted in Alchemy Spare Change Requiem for Baraka Terrible Turtle, Dove More Things Change Officer Material Don't Pay the Ferryman Waylaid! Cutting a Swath Grounded! Dark Predations No Laughing Matter Badges of Honor Demokron Demolition Vanquished Fury Slayer of the Pack Death to Demokrons! The Time of Purification Charge Through the Cannonballs! Take the Candy and Run! Take It or Seize It! I'll Show You the Meaning of Power! A Purrfect Mission Essential Oils Continue to Advance Demokraxus Must Die! Clear Ravenous Gorge Clear Bathysmal Rise Clear Rift's Edge Taking Trophies Call 'Em Like I See 'Em Call 'Em Like I See 'Em Poolside Service Best Feet Forward Lake Monsters Terrible Turtle, Dove Rockin' Ruins Guwangi Purge Punishing Parthians Officer Material Demokrons are the Disease Intrepid Heart Lime Time Rooted in Alchemy Requiem for Baraka Gotta Grab 'em All Clear Balder's Temple Clear Argon Corpus Sabex Armory Ambush! Kill Shandra Manaya Explore the Channelworks Redcap Furious Faerie Centaur Slinking Sabertooth Hulking Sabertooth Sullen Unicorn Warthog Brute Hogling Merciless Jalmarak Centaur Insurgent Lumbering Ghilliedhu Lumbering Sporewalker Feisty Terron Bloated Sporewalker Terron Lunatic Sabertooth Faerie Vigilante Feral Unicorn Long Tusk Warthog Armored Hogling Runaway Pigling Faerie Rebel Faerie Renegade Faerie Insurgent Faerie Guardians Likhan Seravy Dark Sorcerer Cruel Sorcerer Seravy Garkior Cruel Sorcerer Garash Bloodtusk Tradon Stonebeak Scavenger Agitated Sporewalker Mossy Ghilliedhu Grayal Skeletal Retainer Skeletal Soldier Dakanius Basenius Tuebenius Dark Maiden Reaver of Resurrection Ebonheart Sorcerer Fallen Defender Devan Robber Devan Scrapper Devan Brigand Kulsilva Dur Barak Lanok Aggravated Sporewalker Keener Conscript Stonebeak Soldier Lakan's Prison Teleportal Stonebeak Fighter Wall of Wordcraft Devan Bandit Devan Blademaster Devan Warrior Devan Bladesister Devan Thief Devan Pillager Devan Arcanist Devan Chanter Furious Dragoon Basilisk Fallen Soldier Fangspawn Sulphurous Groknar Sooty Sporewalker Smoldering Ghilliedhu Ashstalker Wolf Devan War Golem Fallen Devan Protector Devan Dark Knight Risen Devan Infantry