Sacrifice Plays Grizzly Hunt Eliminate the Argonomorphs! Clear the Twisted Plains Weaken the Lokian Force Eliminate the Brainwashed! Disband the Mercenary Company Eliminate the Kamaras Eliminate Prion Njalvar! Clear Mags Tohopka Noruk Hunt A Rest For the Wendigos Option: Attack the Bastion of Lok! Option: Attack Sinestral Manor! Option: Attack Saravash's Ascent! Option: Attack the Cultists' Refuge! Option: Assault the Necromancer Tomb! Option: Assault the Golden Labyrinth! Option: Assault Saleron's Sky Garden! Option: Assault the Labyrinth of Terror! Assault the Ebon Tower! Option: Charge Through the Cannonballs! Option: Eliminate Basilisks! Option: Protect Godric's Farm! Option: Eliminate Juggernaut Mercenaries Option: Eliminate Fimbrilisks! Option : Eliminate ovoliths! Option: Eliminate Dusky Basilisks! Option: Eliminate Azarel's Juggernauts! Option: Eliminate Lurking Teraliths! Option: Eliminate Giant Gladiators! Option: Eliminate Desert Lightning Kumases! Option: Eliminate Patient Lithikumases! Option: Eliminate Onyx Hydraths! Option: Eliminate Ravenous Basilisks! Option: Eliminate Naga Battlemasters! Option: Eliminate the Naga Leviathans! Option: Eliminate the Ebon Fimbrilisks! Option: Eliminate the Sandlurker Lizards! Option: Mop Up Devan Remnants Option: Assault the Devan Hideout Option: A Rest For Mossy Ghilliedhus Option: Showdown With the Fighters Option: Burn Out the Desert Fire Option: A Rest For Tainted Mycanar Option: A Rest For Corrupted Mycanars Option: Sterilize the Area Option: Avenge the Fallen Option: Sacrifice Plays Option: Grizzly Hunt Option: Eliminate the Argonomorphs! Option: Clear the Twisted Plains Option: Weaken the Lokian Force Option: Eliminate the Brainwashed! Option: Disband the Mercenary Company Option: Eliminate the Kamaras Option: Eliminate Prion Njalvar! Option: Clear Mags Tohopka Option: Noruk Hunt Option: A Rest For the Wendigos Option: Charge through Cannonballs! Option: Clear Balder's Temple Option: Clear Argon Corpus Option: Storm the Armory! Option: Demokraxus Must Die Again! Option: Kill Shandra Manaya Option: Apply for Dungeon Raiders! Option: Timmbbeeerrrr! Option: Marauding Mandrills Option: Death in the Valley Option: Contested Territory Option: Preying on the Parthians Option: Intrepid Heart Option: Operation Overkill Option: Parthian Purification Option: Egg On Option: Unbearable Option: Lake Monsters Option: Training Exorcise Option: Checking IDs Option: Lime Time Option: Hot Springs Tonight Option: Imperial Entanglements Option: Bone Fragments Option: Supply the Demand Option: Creepy-crawlies Option: Punishing Parthians Option: Harrier and Harrier Option: Rockin' Ruins Option: Rooted in Alchemy Option: Spare Change Option: Requiem for Baraka Option: Terrible Turtle, Dove Option: More Things Change Option: Officer Material Option: Don't Pay the Ferryman Option: Waylaid! Option: Cutting a Swath Option: Grounded! Option: Dark Predations Option: No Laughing Matter Option: Badges of Honor Option: Demokron Demolition Option: Vanquished Fury Option: Slayer of the Pack Option: Death to Demokrons! Option: The Time of Purification Option: Charge Through the Cannonballs! Option: Take the Candy and Run! Option: Take It or Seize It! Option: I'll Show You the Meaning of Power! Option: A Purrfect Mission Option: Essential Oils Option: Continue to Advance Option: Demokraxus Must Die! Option: Clear Ravenous Gorge Option: Clear Bathysmal Rise Option: Clear Rift's Edge Option: Taking Trophies Option: Call 'Em Like I See 'Em Option: Call 'Em Like I See 'Em Option: Back into the Deep End Option: Clear Sky Cruiser Endeavor Option: Lake Monsters Option: Terrible Turtle, Dove Option: Rockin' Ruins Option: Guwangi Purge Option: Punishing Parthians Option: Officer Material Option: Demokrons are the Disease Option: Intrepid Heart Option: Lime Time Option: Rooted in Alchemy Option: Requiem for Baraka Option: Gotta Grab 'em All Option: Clear Balder's Temple Option: Clear Argon Corpus Option: Sabex Armory Ambush! Option: Kill Shandra Manaya! Option: Explore the Channelworks Charge Through the Cannonballs! Clear Balder's Temple Clear Argon Corpus Sabex Scrub! Macellarius Catacombs Ambush! Kill Shandra Manaya Apply for Dungeon Raiders! Timmbbeeerrrr! Marauding Mandrills