Expert Etchings Etching to Get Started Protect the Extractors Free and Clear Ore Else A Seedy Task Collecting Noctenium Energy Blood Collection Defy the Union Defy the Order Investigating the Union Warning the Order A Few Key Collective Points Slow the Collective's Progress Trophies for Fun and Profit Collective Training The Ore Must Flow Invasive Species A Collector of Ore Exercise in Exobotany Search for Cleaner Energy Yes, We Have No Bananas Test of Collective Bravery Fact Finding through Collective Slaying Test of Bravery Is in Order Fact Finding through Ordered Slayings Union Engine Keys Slow the Union's Progress People Demand a Demonstration Vaulted Improvement A Great Big Order All in Order Ore Else I Seed What You Did There Energize the Order It's a Shard Life Bigger Aurum Beasts Aurum Beasts Bigger Tor Beasts Tor Beasts Order Extractor Keys A Few Key Points Are in Order Awards Program Training the Order Tell Me of Noctenium Noctenium Knowledge Access and Allies Supplies and Demands Checked Baggage Worse than the Diseaseā€¦ The Sky Cruiser An Army Travels on its Stomach In-Flight Entertainment The Battle for Intrepid Rough Landing Augurs and Omens Trials and Errors The Valley of the Guwangi The Dangers of Diplomacy Mechanically Inclined The Not-So-Great Escape I Bring Bad Tidings How Does This Work? Stairway to Wisdom Harrier and Harrier Little Lost Lambs Unforeseen Effects Ritual of Solace Non Compos Mentis It's All Relative Evade and Escape Trash and Treasure Zo-Zo's Petals Narrowing the Search The Search for Truth Moment of Truth Secret of the Storm Barrier Tragedy and Triumph War is Nigh Barreling In Intercepted Transmission In Search of Answers Closer to the Truth Lucky Charms Weird Science Stick With It Not FDA-Approved One Step Forward Birthplace of Knowledge Need to Know One Price Left to Pay Making Connections Playing Catch-Up Parts Are Parts A Heavy Burden Pulling the Strings Unravelling the Mystery Shut the Front Door Having a Blast Have Fun Storming the Castle Into the Fortress Never Let Go In Pursuit of Justice The Reckoning The Forge Master Go for Broken. Another Smith Lessons of the Smith Archesmith From the Rift Blacksmith of Fate Reach the Beach Reach the Beach Reach the Beach Reach the Beach Reach the Beach Reach the Beach Reach the Beach Reach the Beach The Prologue Ends The Prologue Ends The Prologue Ends The Prologue Ends The Prologue Ends The Prologue Ends The Prologue Ends The Prologue Ends Balder's First Trial Balder's Second Trial Balder's Third Trial Balder's Final Test (Guild) Suppression Orders: Guardians of {@Rgn:9025001} Suppression Orders: Guardians of {@Rgn:9025001} The Reckless Merchant The Rangers' Screams Vanished Spirit Soulless Body Deeply Rooted Grudge Lasting Grudge A Letter to My Wife A Memory for My Mother Path of Death (Guild) Suppression Orders: Ksharan Soldiers (Guild) Suppression Orders: Vedilith End the Nightmares Purgatorial Beings Kurak's Lament Konika's Favorite Food Greedy Eyes