Unmentionable Stenchables (Guild) Suppression Orders: Vexatus Swamp (Guild) Suppression Orders: Kazuur Syndicate (Guild) Clearing the Catacombs (Vanarch) Depth Charge Subduing the Swamp The Battle for the Vaults Subduing the Catacombs Depth Charge Enemies in the Midst Sic Semper Proditores Relic of a Bygone Age The Fall of the Betrayer Crocuta Blankets for the Night Eliminate the Raging Beasts Missing Supplies from Velika The Dangerous Nest Desperate Struggle for Survival Beholder of Darkness Eyes in the Darkness Cook the Chefs Cure for Crazy Don't Play with Knives Gula Leftovers Pride of the Protectors The Price of Hubris Mysterious Disappearance Remaining Proof The Best Offense Is...Dentistry Beheading a Nightmare The Circle Is Complete (Guild) Paws in Mid-Battle (Guild) Lust and Deceit (Guild) Chaos and Destruction (Guild) Suppression Orders: Tabruk (Vanarch) Suppression Orders: Tabruk Paws in Mid-Battle Suppression Orders: Undying Fighters and Their Friends Monsters and Mazes Chaos and Destruction Island Vacation Breaking the Shells A Little Long in the Tooth The Shell Game Mycanar Trouble A Makeup Test It's Flotsam...or Is It Jetsam Reach the Beach Scales of Justice Claws and Effect Population Control Fur the Ladies Malagash Must Die Bounding to the Overwatch Feeling the Pinch Their Only Weakness I'm a Lumberjack, and I'm Okay Agile Prey An Aefra by any Other Name Cold Hearted Snakes Seeing Things Through Snakes in a Tomb No Foe Too Big... Sundering the Fulcrum Nuggets of Joy No One Gets Off the Island In Memoriam (Guild) Beasts at the Viper Strand (Guild) Butchery Starts with Skinning (Guild) Suppression Orders: Serpentis Isle Beasts (Guild) Master the Battlemasters (Guild) Master the Clawmasters (Guild) Nagas In Decline (Guild) Fall of the Naga (Guild) Challenging the Divine (Vanarch) Toast of the Coast (Vanarch) Challenging the Divine Deboning Boan Strand Skinning the Sentries Cleansing Serpentis Isle Master the Battlemasters Toast of the Coast Master the Clawmasters Decline of the Naga Fall of the Naga The Lightkeepers Promises Made The Pirates on the Shore Useful Material The Pirates' Orders Kellonis's Panacea To the Vanguard Bastion Hidden Treasure of the Pirates Retrieve the Explosives Glaring Eyes Underground Repository I'm Logging This Eliminate the Berserkers The Right Tool for the Job The Brutal Bosun Finders, Keepers Returning to the Ground Hard (to Find) Rock The Priceless Diaries The Scouts on Watch To the Commander Repel All Boarders Shards of Madness Class Rings The Dread Pirate Orless Eliminate the Escorts (Guild) Suppression Orders: Jagged Coast (Guild) Suppression Orders: Red Lash Pirate Combatants Subjugating the Jagged Coast Illegal Pirating, which Is Illegal Executive Order Secret Directive Dirken's Test: Recover the Lost Articles Dirken's Directive: Annoying Pirates Shell Games Mother's Tears Joining the Varsity Team The Untrustworthy Expensive Can Also Mean Costly Contraband Traffic Scouring the Desolate Coast Mission to Mistmoor Wounded Zebulon Executing Orders Scouting the Rain Cages Stolen Weapons Wrecks on the Beach Dances with Crabs Please Save My Brother It Can't Rain Everyday (Guild) Suppression Orders: Sunken Yards (Guild) Suppression Orders: Mistmoor Island North (Guild) Suppression Orders: Grim Coast (Guild) Suppression Orders: Abraxis Suppression Orders: Abraxis Sunken Yards North Mistmoor Butcher the Butchers Grim Coast The Slave Market Is Closed Dawn's Twilight Another Fine Mess The Secret Life of Trees Making the Rounds