Half-Shot of Will Faulty Shot Overcharged Shot Speed of Youth Potion Pounding Rhomb Pounding Cabochon Pounding Hexage Pounding Pentant Pounding Concach Pounding Crux Pounding Niveot Fine Pounding Rhomb Fine Pounding Cabochon Fine Pounding Hexage Fine Pounding Pentant Fine Pounding Concach Fine Pounding Crux Fine Pounding Niveot Bitter Rhomb Bitter Cabochon Bitter Hexage Bitter Pentant Bitter Concach Bitter Crux Bitter Niveot Fine Bitter Rhomb Fine Bitter Cabochon Fine Bitter Hexage Fine Bitter Pentant Fine Bitter Concach Fine Bitter Crux Fine Bitter Niveot Hardy Rhomb Hardy Cabochon Hardy Hexage Hardy Pentant Hardy Concach Hardy Crux Hardy Niveot Fine Hardy Rhomb Fine Hardy Cabochon Fine Hardy Hexage Fine Hardy Pentant Fine Hardy Concach Fine Hardy Crux Fine Hardy Niveot Slaying Rhomb Slaying Cabochon Slaying Hexage Slaying Pentant Slaying Concach Slaying Crux Fine Slaying Rhomb Fine Slaying Cabochon Fine Slaying Hexage Fine Slaying Pentant Fine Slaying Concach Fine Slaying Crux Furious Rhomb Furious Cabochon Furious Hexage Furious Pentant Furious Concach Furious Crux Fine Furious Rhomb Fine Furious Cabochon Fine Furious Hexage Fine Furious Pentant Fine Furious Concach Fine Furious Crux Fine Squelching Rhomb Fine Squelching Cabochon Fine Squelching Hexage Fine Squelching Pentant Fine Squelching Concach Fine Squelching Crux Fine Domineering Rhomb Fine Domineering Cabochon Fine Domineering Hexage Fine Domineering Pentant Fine Domineering Concach Fine Domineering Crux Fine Mutinous Rhomb Fine Mutinous Cabochon Fine Mutinous Hexage Fine Mutinous Pentant Fine Mutinous Concach Fine Mutinous Crux Focused Rhomb Focused Cabochon Focused Hexage Focused Pentant Focused Concach Focused Crux Fine Focused Rhomb Fine Focused Cabochon Fine Focused Hexage Fine Focused Pentant Fine Focused Concach Fine Focused Crux Virulent Rhomb Virulent Cabochon Virulent Hexage Virulent Pentant Virulent Concach Virulent Crux Fine Virulent Rhomb Fine Virulent Cabochon Fine Virulent Hexage Fine Virulent Pentant Fine Virulent Concach Fine Virulent Crux Brutal Rhomb Brutal Cabochon Brutal Hexage Brutal Pentant Brutal Concach Brutal Crux Fine Brutal Rhomb Fine Brutal Cabochon Fine Brutal Hexage Fine Brutal Pentant Fine Brutal Concach Fine Brutal Crux Cruel Rhomb Cruel Cabochon Cruel Hexage Cruel Pentant Cruel Concach Cruel Crux Fine Cruel Rhomb Fine Cruel Cabochon Fine Cruel Hexage Fine Cruel Pentant Fine Cruel Concach Fine Cruel Crux Forceful Rhomb Forceful Cabochon Forceful Hexage Forceful Pentant Forceful Concach Forceful Crux Fine Forceful Rhomb Fine Forceful Cabochon Fine Forceful Hexage Fine Forceful Pentant Fine Forceful Concach Fine Forceful Crux Fine Acrimonious Rhomb