Encrypted Ledger Gula Cipher Fake Cursed Lance Rida's Hair Argon-Gula Appurtenance Memento of the First Sacrifice Memento of the Second Sacrifice Memento of the Third Sacrifice Hypnotic Gemstone Morbolith Fragment Durignite Minespring Detrian's Sword Summoning Flute Fraya's Token Argon-Orcan Appurtenance Liquid Flame Darekuur's Orders Necromancy Device Key Shana's Report Elixir Base Essence of Agony Joy of Madness Mixed Elixir Virulent Mixed Elixir Nightmare Key Sheana's Inquiry Soul Mirror Cradle of Flame All Purpose Cleaner Grimy Bead Mysterium Necklace Rescue Orders Sedative Lie Detector Rough Naga Skin Naga Pirate's Treasure Chest Naga's Holy Treasure Chest Cerulean Gem Key of Fortitude Key of Courage Key of Forbearance Icemarrow Firemarrow Glacier Fragment Dark Matter Vessel of the Gods Torch of the Gods Trace of Fear Argon Core Potion of Will Purification Totem Killian's Gem Essence of the Core Ancient Slate Kanmur's Report Lucky Egg I Lucky Egg II Lucky Egg III Lucky Egg IV Destiny Egg I Destiny Egg II Destiny Egg III Destiny Egg IV Fortune Egg I Fortune Egg II Fortune Egg III Fortune Egg IV Ovomeld I Ovomeld II Ovomeld III Ovomeld IV Warrior Practicum Glyph Box Lancer Practicum Glyph Box Slayer Practicum Glyph Box Berserker Practicum Glyph Box Sorcerer Practicum Glyph Box Archer Practicum Glyph Box Priest Practicum Glyph Box Mystic Practicum Glyph Box Thulsa's Experimental Journal Warrior Talent Glyph Box Lancer Talent Glyph Box Slayer Talent Glyph Box Berserker Talent Glyph Box Sorcerer Talent Glyph Box Archer Talent Glyph Box Priest Talent Glyph Box Mystic Talent Glyph Box Warrior Bellicarium Glyph Box Lancer Bellicarium Glyph Box Slayer Bellicarium Glyph Box Berserker Bellicarium Glyph Box Sorcerer Bellicarium Glyph Box Archer Bellicarium Glyph Box Priest Bellicarium Glyph Box Mystic Bellicarium Glyph Box Victor's Box Challenger's Box Riding Skill: Black Pearl Healing Potion I Major Healing Potion I Healing Potion II Major Healing Potion II Healing Potion III Major Healing Potion III Healing Potion IV Major Healing Potion IV Healing Potion V Major Healing Potion V Healing Potion VI Major Healing Potion VI Healing Potion VII Major Healing Potion VII Healing Potion VIII Major Healing Potion VIII Mana Potion I Major Mana Potion I Mana Potion II Major Mana Potion II Mana Potion III Major Mana Potion III Mana Potion IV Major Mana Potion IV Mana Potion V Major Mana Potion V Mana Potion VI Major Mana Potion VI Mana Potion VII Major Mana Potion VII Mana Potion VIII Major Mana Potion VIII Holism Potion I Major Holism Potion I Holism Potion II Major Holism Potion II Holism Potion III Major Holism Potion III Holism Potion IV Major Holism Potion IV Holism Potion V Major Holism Potion V Holism Potion VI Major Holism Potion VI Holism Potion VII Major Holism Potion VII Holism Potion VIII Major Holism Potion VIII Healing Elixir I