ID: 95538
Initiative Earring
Superior Earring
Binds when picked up
For level 60 or above
Cannot trade, This item can't be stored in the guild bank.
Bellicarium Neutral or higher required for purchase.

Defense modifier 598
Balance modifier 1,848

Raises max HP by 5799. rerollable
+Random bonus 1
Increases resistance to weakening effects by 4.8%. rerollable
Increases resistance to periodic damage by 5.4%. rerollable
Increases resistance to stun by 4.4%. rerollable
Healing skills affecting you increase by 3.2%. rerollable
Decreases duration of stun effects by 10%. rerollable
Decreases poison damage by 15%. rerollable
Recovers 0.48% of total HP every 5 seconds. rerollable
Raises max HP by 4.5%. rerollable

Crystal socket

Initia earring.

Price: 800rep_point
Buy price: 5gold56silver69bronze
Max stack count: 1
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