ID: 165101
Threescore Lance
Tier 3 Superior Lance
For Lancer
For level 60 or above
Cannot trade, Cannot be stored in bank, This item can't be stored in the guild bank.

Attack modifier 3,096
Impact modifier 17,821

Increases MP replenishment by 40. rerollable
Absorbs up to 41381 damage with the Stand Fast skill. rerollable
Attacks draw 13.5% more aggro. rerollable
Replenishes 0.2% of total MP instantly when you use a skill. rerollable
Increases damage by 3% to the target with the most aggro toward you. rerollable
Increases damage by 4.5% when attacking normal monsters. rerollable
Absorbs up to 18010 damage with the Stand Fast skill.
Increases damage by 5.25% when attacking minions.
Attacks draw 14% more aggro.
Increases damage by 7% when attacking enraged monsters.

Crystal socket
Crystal socket
Crystal socket
Crystal socket

A gift for level 60 players to aid in the battle against the argons.

Sale value: 67gold27silver59bronze

Dismantles into {item} x 48.
Buy price: 672gold75silver95bronze
Max stack count: 1
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ID   Name Class Description Reward
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