ID: 15429
Cloudrunner Boots
Tier 3 Rare Boots
For Warrior, Slayer, Archer
Bind on Equip
For level 53 or above

Defense modifier 652
Balance modifier 1,088

Increases Movement Speed by 6%. rerollable
+Random bonus 1
Increases Balance Factor by 2. rerollable
Increases Crit Resist Factor by 2. rerollable
Increases Endurance by 1. rerollable
Decreases duration of slowing effects by 0.7. rerollable
Increases resistance to knockdown and stagger from boss attacks by 30%. rerollable
Increases Movement Speed by 1.5%. rerollable

Sale value: 68silver57bronze

Dismantles into {item} x 12.
Buy price: 6gold85silver71bronze
Max stack count: 1
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