ID: 10825
Umbra & Penumbra
Tier 4 Superior Twin Swords
For Warrior
For level 60 or above
Cannot trade, Cannot be stored in bank, This item can't be stored in the guild bank.

Attack modifier 2,168
Impact modifier 7,179

Increases MP replenishment by 40. rerollable
Increases damage by 4.5% when attacking normal monsters. rerollable
Increases damage by 5.1% when attacking from behind. rerollable
Increases damage by 6% when attacking enraged monsters. rerollable
Absorbs up to 28680 damage with the Cross Parry skill. rerollable
Increases damage by 5.25% when attacking normal monsters.
Increases damage by 5.72% when attacking from behind.
Increases damage by 7% when attacking enraged monsters.

Crystal socket
Crystal socket
Crystal socket
Crystal socket

Sale value: 4gold32silver49bronze

Dismantles into {item} x 48.
Buy price: 43gold24silver89bronze
Max stack count: 1
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ID     Name Level Location Reward
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