Bidet Faucets manufacturers

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Bidet Faucets manufacturers

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European bidet faucet
Item no.: 85402
The European bidet faucet have been devoted to material selection.
Stainless steel processing is difficult, consumable, and the labor cost of the subsequent process is much higher.
Therefore, our copper faucet, the control of raw materials and processing, can provide customers with good quality and healthy products.
The quality of the faucet made of zinc alloy is poor. The poor performance in corrosion resistance of coating, pollutant precipitation and durability bring a great danger to consumers' health and safety.
Zinc alloy tap is extremely easy to oxidize. White oxide powder will appear on surface. It can release zinc, lead and other harmful heavy metals after the long-time soaking by water. Furthermore, alloys will become brittle and easy to be corroded. Crack will appear after long time use. This is also the main reason for the leak of the faucet. For some faucets, the spoiled inner core can turn into powder after rolling with finger, and the quality guarantee period will not more than two years. If the pressure of water is too great, it can easily burst.
The strength is much worse than The European bidet faucet, and the coating is easy to fall off. Use inferior valve core, the service life is not long.

Poor quality products also affect the polishing effect of the faucet, which is easy to appear in the production process of sand. The polishing surface is rough, not smooth. The European bidet faucet is good.
Nursing leading available rinse with water faucet or a soft cotton cloth or wet cloth and wipe The European bidet faucet, do not use any abrasive cleaning agents, cloth or paper towel, strong corrosive cleaner, do not use any acid detergent, polishing abrasive, harsh detergents or soap, do not wipe the tap with high hardness. Such as cement, strong corrosion should be clear even if things fall at the head of the surface.
Use a clean sponge to evenly apply the special care agent on the surface of the head. After a little dry (5-10 minutes), wipe clean with a dry towel. It can make the surface of the faucet bright as new.Bidet Faucets manufacturers
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