China Resin Roof manufacturers

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China Resin Roof manufacturers

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Spanish Tile
Reasonable Price PVC Plastic Resin Roof Tile
SMARTROOF Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheets, is made from Synthetic Resin, which is anti aging and durable material. It is very good at corrosive resistance and color lasting, so it is very popular in residential field. Now more and more countries starts using SMARTROOF.
Material: Synthetic Resin
Surface: ASA Anti Aging Coating
Appearance: Embossed
Length: Customized by times of pitch
Profile: 1050-Spanish
Total Width: 3.45 Feet
Effective Width: 3.15 Feet
Wave Height: 1.18 Inch
Wave Distance: 6.30 Inch
Length: 4 Feet / 8 Feet / 20 Feet / 40 Feet
Guarantee: 15 Years
Color Reference
Heat InsulationLow Heat Conductivity Material
Sound InsulationLow Sound Conductivity Material
Corrosive ResistanceNot Easy Reaction To Chemical
Lasting ColorColor Of ASA Is Not Easy To Fade
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