wholesale Pulp Tray Machine

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wholesale Pulp Tray Machine

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Used paper egg tray making machine is used to produce paper egg tray. The main working process of paper egg tray machine is composed of pulping system, forming system and drying system. Paper tray making machine is mixing the waste paper and water. When it reaches the certain concentration, the egg tray pulp can be conveyed to forming machine. When it forms a paper egg tray, the egg tray paper needs to dry because the paper egg tray has some water after forming. Then, you can pack the paper egg tray after drying.
The drying system of recycling paper egg tray machine has semi-automatic, automatic and metal dryer. When your productivity is 1000 pieces output per hour, you can choose to dry in the sun. Above 1000 pieces output per hour, you need to use the dryer. The automatic dryer is made of brick with 40-60m. The metal dryer can be assembled by our company which has small floor space, simple installation and multi-layer. The metal dryer usually use the natural gas and diesel oil which is replaced in the workshop. You can choose the suitable one according to your requirements.
Our pulp molding machinery factory is a large enterprise which specializes in producing of various kinds of paper pulp molding products and equipment. With the professional engineers and skillful staffs, we have researched and developed many kinds of paper egg tray machines. The innovation of every time can make the paper egg tray plant more perfect and more efficiency. The egg tray making machine price of our company is more reasonable and more competitive at the market of recycling waster paper egg tray machine. The productivity of our egg tray making machine is different from 400 to 12000pieces output per hour. When you need to produce a large amount of egg tray from waste paper, you can choose the used paper egg tray making machine which has the mold quantity of 48units. You also can choose the small egg tray machine because of the small productivity. We would like to design and adjust the egg tray machines for sale to meet your special requirements. Meanwhile, we provide perfect after-sales service for the egg tray making machine for sale. Our egg tray machine buyer comes from all over the world. Our mini egg tray machine also has a good reputation worldwide. The reasonable price of egg tray machine is waiting for you. If you need paper eggs tray machine, just contact us! We will answer you as soon as possible.
Features and Advantage:
1. The material of waste paper can protect the environment around us and turn waste material to things of value.
2. Different types of paper egg tray making machine can meet different requirements.
3. The equipment is easy operating and high efficient.
4. Automatic dryer can have more efficiency and save labor cost.
Throughput (pcs/h)40070010002000300040006000
Mold Quantity1+1 2+24+412+316+432+448+6
Rated Power (kW)283588160187206327
Paper (kg/h)284970140210280420
Vacuum pump(kw)5.57.51137455590
Pulper Volume (m3)111.52345
Drying System (m) 3514161821wholesale Pulp Tray Machine
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