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Plastic Parts Packing Machine

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Earplug Packing Machine
1. Introduction
Everyone pays attention to protective measures. A variety of new earplugs have been produced in succession. Apart from the colorful and colorful colors, their shapes are different and their materials are different. Strong protection of the earplugs loved by the noise prevention industry, the market is very favorable! According to our incomplete investigation, 70% of the manufacturers of earplugs currently use handmade packaging with low output efficiency. The traditional handmade packages are not very beautiful!
Dear friends, are you worried about the packing of earplugs? Earplugs have a sticky brain injury, while many factories use the traditional manual packaging operations. This process, in addition to inefficient packaging products output, the human recruitment is undoubtedly a big headache thing.
Good news! Automatic packaging machine is come! Our company has a number of direct earplugs manufacturers supply automatic earplugs count packaging machine, the details of all special custom, and has been put into mass production. The equipment is automated production, labor liberation, a device is equivalent to only one year's wages of ordinary workers, absolutely cost-effective!
This packer feature:
Ear Plug、Reusable Earplugs、Disposable Ear Plug、Foam Noise Reducer、Soft Earplug Hearing Protection are all suitable for this automatic packing machine.
Earplugs to solve the unique viscosity, high-speed material arrangement, automatic counting package customization.
Aviation earplugs also can be packed by this machine.
2)Customize Description
Dear friends:
All our online offer only for reference. As all the technical requirements are different. Kindly contact us for offer with the size, station, number of material.
Our company mainly for non-standard packaging equipment, what you see are some samples and packaging photos for reference.
We try to meet production requirement according to different packaging needs.
All the machines warranty for one year, some stock! Factory direct sales, please be assured to buy.
3)Main Technical Parameter
Packing Speed:1-120Bags/min (Depending on the amount of packaging)
Measure Range: One single specification 1-100 PCS (Adjustable)
Bag Size Making:L40-180mm W20-140mm
Total Power:1.2KW/220V
Film Thickness:0.02-0.15mm
Overall Dimensions:850*1000*1680mm
Bag sealing:3-side sealing、Back sealing
Packaging materials:OPP、polyethylene film(PE)、Complex Film etc.
Processing customized:Yes
Gross Weight:280KG
2、Technical Features
1)Technical Features
Touch screen control system, support Chinese and English, simple operation, easy adjustment.
Vibration platform running smoothly, low noise, no damage to the material.
The machine has a special stirring device to promote smooth arrangement.
Incorporating a precision counter-control program for error-proofing ensures count accuracy and eliminates negative errors completely.
To facilitate the production needs, you can increase the vibration plate, and each plate can be opened or closed independently.
Each pallet contains material stops, closes the warning or shutdown device to ensure the accuracy of each bag.
The device has a self-diagnostic function, easy to operate when a fault alarm or automatic shutdown (optional alarm or shutdown).
The machine can automatically arrange the material, automatic counting, filling, sealing, packaging, transportation.
Can be customized multi-bag.
Adjustable number of product packaging, the number of bags can be self-control, automatic display of the number of packages, machine work can facilitate the workload statistics.
The equipment has reliable safety protection (dangerous part is equipped with safety device).
According to customer requirements to increase the vibration plate, feeding machine, bag machine, code machines, finished conveyors and other equipment.
2)machine detailed show

3)packaging sample

4)Video reference

3、Application field:
4. Our service
Kally company consists of a young and dynamic team. We work enthusiastically and conscientiously to provide you with everything from advice on packaging, design, development, sales and service. In the development of innovative products, Kally has been at the forefront of the packaging machine industry. Not only that, Kally also committed to promoting and advocating advanced packaging concepts, and guide customers to "liberate the productive forces and eliminate labor".
Pre-sales: we provide professional advice, programming, and design every packaging machine solutions.
On-purchase: Strict sales management and control system, to provide customers with the best cost-performance solutions
After-sales: warranty for one year, long-life maintenance, quick response, operating training.
Installation Service
Installation Services are available with all new machine purchases. We will provide the technical know-how for your operation smooth transition and support for installing, debugging, operation of the machine, it will indicate you how to use this machine well.
After Sales Service
We offer the Preventative Maintenance and After Sales Service. For we strongly feels about the importance of supporting our customers and the product solutions we provide.Consequently we offer comprehensive maintenance options to prevent equipment issues before they become problems. Also we offer one year guarantee period.
In one words,your satisfaction is our pursuit forever!Plastic Parts Packing Machine
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